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Recommended List – Best Online Bookmakers for 2011

1/ Bet365 Bookmaker

  • Best all-around online bookmaker.
  • Huge selection of football bets.
  • Mobile & live betting.
  • Rating 9.5/10 – No U.S. customers – Bet365 Review

2/ Bodog Bookmaker

  • Best bookmaker for casual/fun betting.
  • ‘Bodog Live’ – Best live betting interface & bet volume.
  • 10% unlimited bonus, easy 1 X rollover.
  • Rating 9.5/10 – U.S. Friendly – Bodog Review


  • Best bookmaker for professional handicappers.
  • Best high stakes betting.
  • Early lines.
  • Rating 9.3/10 – U.S. Friendly – Bookmaker Review


Best Bookmakers Online

Since every punter has different sports and different types of bets they like to make, there is no way to say which online bookmaker is best for you. Our list above are the best overall bookmakers for 2011, but we recommend that you read our reviews to find the bookies that best suit your needs.

How Do I Find the Best Online Bookmakers to Bet at?

Here are some things to consider before signing up at an online bookmaker.

Best Online Bookies for My Country

Depending on where you live might narrow down the best online bookmakers for you. For example, some online bookmakers offer more betting options and lower vig (juice) for the Australian Football League (AFL) than others. If you live in Australia and are a big fan of AFL, American or European bookmakers may not be a good choice for you.

If you’re Spanish and a big fan of La Liga, you’ll want to register at a bookmaker that focuses heavily on that league.

Other sports are more international, like Formula 1, golf, or tennis. In that case, where you live may not mean as much.

Sports & Betting Options

This should go without saying, but every bookmaker is different – focusing more attention on certain sports. While every bookmaker online offers football betting, some offer a better variety & higher volume of bets than others. Look for bookies that offer a wide range of betting options for your favourite sports, then compare the odds with the other books you’re registered at.

If you like to place accumulator & teaser bets, of course you’ll want to sign up at bookmakers that offer the best odds. Many punters don’t realize the difference in accumulator odds can vary greatly from one book to another. Our reviews show the odds for accumulator and teaser bets.

Best Odds & Low Vig (Juice)

For professional handicappers, it’s all about getting the best prices. Even if you’re not a professional, if you place a lot of bets it’s important to get the best odds and lowest vig (short for vigorish, also called juice). Over time, small advantages add up. If you’re only interested in placing occasional bets for fun, this may not be too important. However, if you bet frequently and want to become a winning handicapper, this is a critical element to sports betting.

Serious punters should always shop for the best price. If you aren’t comparing odds at several bookmakers online, you’re costing yourself money.

Some online bookies offer reduced juice on certain sports or specific days of the week. Why take -110 on a game if you can get the same odds at -105 somewhere else? Our bookmaker reviews will help you find books with reduced juice.

Mobile Online Bookmakers

If you’re looking to place bets on your mobile phone, be sure you’re signing up at bookmakers that offer this service. Most bookmakers online now offer mobile betting, but some still do not. Beyond that, some offer mobile betting for only certain types of cell phones, and not others. For the most part, bookies that offer mobile sports betting are compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Windows based phones.

Live Betting Online Bookies

Most online bookies now offer some sort of live betting. Live betting is designed mainly for casual punters looking to have some fun during the game. The fun thing about live betting is that it offers instant results, and smart punters can often find an edge. The problem with live betting is that the vig on prop bets is typically higher than regular bets on final game results.

Live bets are wagers that can be made during a game or sporting event. For example, during a Manchester United vs. Chelsea match, a bookmaker might offer a live bet on which team will score the next goal, or what type of goal it will be. In a tennis match, a book might offer a bet on who will win the next set. In a basketball game, they might offer a bet on which team will score the next 3-pointer or which player will be the first to foul out of a game.

Some online bookmakers offer live betting on a lot of games, with dozens of bets during a game. Others offer fewer sports for live betting, or fewer bets per game. If you’re looking to have more fun when you bet, live betting is a good way to find it. Check out our online bookmaker reviews to make sure the book you’re considering offers live betting for the sports you’re interested in.

Online Bookmaker Bonuses

When searching for the best online bookmakers, don’t put too much weight into bonuses. While they should be part of the decision making process, most of the bonuses that online bookmakers offer are tough to earn. While this isn’t always the case, you can generally figure that the bigger the bonus, the harder it is to qualify for.

As mentioned above, online bookmaker bonuses have to be earned. For example, if a bookmaker is offering a 100% bonus up to £200, you might have to wager 10-20 times the deposit and bonus before it can be cashed out. In this situation, if your initial deposit was £200, you’d be eligible for £200 in bonus. At a rollover rate of 10X’s the deposit and bonus, you’d have to wager a total of £4000 (£200 deposit + £200 bonus X 10 = £4000) before you could cashout the bonus. If the rollover requirement was 20X’s the deposit and bonus, you’d have to wager £8000 to be able to cash it out. If you run out of money somewhere along the way, you’re no longer eligible for the bonus.

With all this said, some bookmakers online offer much simpler rollover requirements, only requiring 1-2 X’s rollover. These bonuses are usually much smaller.

Online Bookmaker Free Bets

To encourage punters to sign up, a lot of bookmakers online offer free bets to new customers. There are several different types of free bets that online bookmakers offer. Some online bookmakers offer free bets for specific sports while others allow their customers to use them for any sport. Some free bets are only available for mobile betting, meaning that customers have to create their account online, make their first deposit, then place their free bet on their mobile phone.

Online bookmakers used to offer more attractive free bets than they do now. Most free bet promotions are now limited to £10-25, but occasionally there are better ones offered.

Most bookmakers online require punters to make their first deposit before they can receive the free bet. Then the first bet uses the players money for the bet, but is returned if the wager is lost.

Some online bookies offer punters weekly free bets on certain sports after meeting specific criteria. For example, a bookmaker might offer punters a free £20 NFL bet every Sunday if they place 3 £20 NFL spread bets on Friday.

Online Bookmaker Promotions

Serious punters should look to take advantage of good promotions that are available. Some of them include free bets and bonuses as mentioned above, but other promotions are offered as well. Some bookmakers online offer free contests that can pay big prizes. Pay attention to the promotion sections of the top online bookmakers to keep current with all promotions being offered. This is especially important right before seasons start as this is when most promotions get started.

Online Bookmaker Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

If your preferred deposit & withdrawal method is Visa, Mastercard, Neteller or Moneybookers, you’ll be able to use these options at almost any bookmaker online. However, if you prefer a different deposit & withdrawal method, you may want to make sure the book accepts it. Outside of the most popular banking options, every bookmaker has their own variety of options available.

Some of these include:

American Express POLi iDEAL
Diners Club GiroPay InstaDebit
Discover Card MyCitadel Pic-Club
Pre-Paid Debit Cards UseMyBank EcoCard
JCB PayPal PaySafeCard
UKash Bank Wire eWalletXpress
Click2Pay Bank Draft Cheque by Mail
Maestro Instant eChecks ClickandBuy
Solo Western Union WebMoney
Laser MoneyGram EntroPay



As mentioned above, each online bookmaker offers it’s own set of payment processors. If you prefer any of the payment options in the list above, check our reviews to make sure the bookie you’re considering accepts that banking option.

Online Bookmaker Financial Stability & Security of Player Funds

Some online bookmakers are very trustworthy and strong financially. Others can be shady. With enough financially secure & safe bookmakers to wager at, there is no reason to bet at the shady betting sites. At, we only recommend the best bookmakers online – ones that players can trust with their money.

Reputation for Cashing Out Big Winners

There are online bookmakers who make it tough for big winners to cash out their profits. What good is it to place that longshot or accumulator bet and win if the bookie won’t pay you? If a bookmaker has a reputation for giving winning bettors a hard time, we don’t recommend them. While every bookmaker has an occasional issue from time to time, it’s the ones that have them consistently that we’re most concerned with. We read the big sports betting forums and websites to gather as much information as we can, and pass that information along to you.

High Stakes Online Bookmakers

While most online bookmakers limit their maximum bet amounts at £2500 – £5000, some accept high stakes sports wagers up to £20,000 or more. Of course this also depends on the type of bet you’d like to make. Some online bookmakers welcome high stakes betting, while others don’t want to expose themselves to that much risk.

For high stakes sports betting, the easiest deposit options are Neteller and Moneybookers. These deposit methods allow high stakes punters to move their money around easily, with zero to relatively low fees. There are other good deposit options for high stakes betting as well, and deposit limits can be found in the cashier window of any online bookmaker.

Another interesting note for high stakes sports betting is that many online bookmakers will accept larger wagers than their websites report. If you find a bookmaker you like, but want a higher betting limit, contact customer support and request an increase. Some bookmakers will deny the request, others may approve it.

If you become addicted to high stakes sports betting, please get help before losing the house, cars, and your family. Chasing losses is not the way to become a winning handicapper. Instead, seek help or greatly reduce the size of your bets…before it’s too late.

Sports Betting With Real Money

Losing handicappers that want to become profitable should consider placing fake bets and tracking wins & losses. Instead of losing more real money, spend your time learning more about how to win. There are unlimited ways to bet on sports, and some bets are much smarter and profitable than others. Read about sports betting strategy, test betting concepts you haven’t tried before, and learn from successful punters.

When you notice that your fake bets would be turning a consistent profit, then you’re ready to bet with real money again. There’s no reason to lose real money when you can place fake bets and gain the same knowledge.